Petit Brewlab Homebrewing

Petit Brewlab

Calling all homebrewers! Have you brewed that crazy, unusual and magical beer in your basement? Do you want to perfect it by participating in a detailed hands-on brewing experience?

Petit Brewlabs is a collaborative brewing platform by Gran de Select to find and create limited editions of the best home brews, by locals.

Submit your beer proposal to Petit Brewlab either by post, or pop in to our new location in Mijas Pueblo, Malaga, Spain. Every month we review the best contenders, and if your home brew has enough magic, you become an active participant in the brewing process at our brewing facility!

Not only do you get the appropriate credit and attribution, but in addition you will also receive a batch of your co-created beer, and should the beer becomes one of our regular sellers, you will be rewarded further as well.

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