Gran de Select Craft Beers are unique creations, with a twist.

Craft Beer


Gran de Select Luxury Crafted Beers are original and elegant creations with natural extended bottle carbonation.


Gran de Select Gran Releases are limited editions brewed for serious brew connoisseurs.

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Gran de Select produce a range of craft, luxury and exclusive beer, with something in-between for every taste.

Apart from our craft beer range we produce luxury and exclusive releases as well.

We create both luxury and seasonal beers, which are all hand-crafted with a slow brewing conviction and deep respect for natural ingredients. Our mission with this range is to cherish and show appreciation to nature by brewing unique craft beers from the best raw materials possible.

In our Gran Releases you can find uniquely intriguing beer varieties always in small and exclusive productions. Being our experimental category, we combine rare raw materials as well as original ideas and production techniques that go beyond the normal limits of brewing.