Selection. The Bohemian original, improved.

Pilsner is a type of lager that originated in the Czech Republic when it was still part of the German-speaking Austrian Empire and transformed the brewing world forever, due to its seductive golden glow and crisp, refreshing taste.

Selection is a vivid full-bodied craft Pilsner produced with 100% lightly kilned malted barley producing a delicate burst of elegant freshness. The palate is intense but subtle, complex but harmonious. It has a light golden texture with a creamy tanned head and light haze. On the nose, it incites a profound and stimulating aroma of malt as well as light notes of tropical fruit.

Food Pairing: Tuna, spicy food, red meat, fried and salty food, barbecues, mature and cured cheeses.

6% | 750ml

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Weight1.5 kg

Rock 330ml, Pasion 330ml, Tapas 330ml, Selection Pilsner 330ml, Selection Pilsner 750ml, Reserva Pale Ale 330ml, Reserva Pale Ale 750ml, Wild 330ml, Wild 750ml, Vintage Pale Ale 330ml, Vintage Pale Ale 750ml, Umami 330ml, Umami 750ml


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