Tapas. With tapas.

We invite you on a journey around the cuisine of Spain, through its most iconic product, the “tapa”. Tapas have evolved into a sophisticated cuisine worldwide, and the endless variety of portions are intrinsically associated with great company and beer!

The word “tapas” is derived from the Spanish verb tapar, “to cover”, and originally thought to evolve from the Andalusian custom of covering sherry glasses with a plate to prevent fruit flies from being drawn to the glass. Some inventive bar owners apparently started serving small portions of food this way.

The “tapeo”, or tapas bar crawl, is a good way to try out the wide variety of dishes that make up the world of Spanish cooking, washed down with our beer, of course. As with wine pairing, there are no fixed rules for pairing tapas and beer, but don’t be afraid to experiment, you never know which incredible combinations you might stumble across!

5,5% | 330ml


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