Umami. A Still Beer With an Explosive Taste.

Umami is brewed with a unique recipe based the fifth taste following sweet, sour, salty and bitter. The flavour encompasses the three required properties of the Umami taste as described by the Umami Information Center (UIC) in Japan: “A delicate taste. A mild, subtle taste. A taste that spreads across the tongue, coating it completely. A persistent, lingering taste. A mouthwatering sensation.”

Umami has an amber-hued colour, with a sweet syrup touch and flavours of (spice, chocolate, raisins) culminating with a soft finish. Umami is a still beer matured in old oak barrels and brewed with inspiration and techniques from vinification to obtain a unique, sophisticated yet uncarbonated beer, letting the beer’s personality shine instead.

Since this beer has no bubbles, there is no rush to imbibe the entire bottle in just one sitting. It’s a beer you can drink and store pretty much like a seriously bottle of Sherry.

Food Pairing Sensations: Desserts and cheeses.

11% | 750ml


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