Vintage. From Michelin to marshmallows.

Many countries have a history of producing brown ales, and the spectrum of brown-coloured beer is quite far-reaching and distinctively diverse.

Gran de Select Vintage is a Belgian-style Brown Ale with creamy foam and rich aroma, and flavours from the  from roast malt hinting at chocolate and coffee.

Vintage, like most brown ales, is also a very food-friendly beer, with the malt and toasty flavours tend enhancing a wide range of foods, from fine dining, spicy Mexican, BBQ’s and even desserts.

8% | 750ml

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Weight1.5 kg

Rock 330ml, Pasion 330ml, Tapas 330ml, Selection Pilsner 330ml, Selection Pilsner 750ml, Reserva Pale Ale 330ml, Reserva Pale Ale 750ml, Wild 330ml, Wild 750ml, Vintage Pale Ale 330ml, Vintage Pale Ale 750ml, Umami 330ml, Umami 750ml


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