Wild. A Wild Journey on the Palate.

Wild is a different beer, which in its creation as well as in its expression is wildly innovative since it is fermented without any added yeast, using only the wild yeasts that absorbed from the air.

Wild is a perfectly brewed sour beer which takes time. Lots of time. Brewed in secondary fermentation for at least 6 months but yet refreshing, complex and unlike any other beer in the style. It will continue to develop in the bottle for many years more.

Food Pairing Sensations: Fish, seafood, sushi and white meat.

8% | 750ml


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Weight1.5 kg

Rock 330ml, Pasion 330ml, Tapas 330ml, Selection Pilsner 330ml, Selection Pilsner 750ml, Reserva Pale Ale 330ml, Reserva Pale Ale 750ml, Wild 330ml, Wild 750ml, Vintage Pale Ale 330ml, Vintage Pale Ale 750ml, Umami 330ml, Umami 750ml


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