A humble quest of revolutionising the brewing world.

Gran de Select was founded in the year 2012 in the Costa del Sol (in Málaga, Andalusia, southern Spain), however, it was consolidated when Frederik Avenstrup and Mads Sørensen met in Denmark a decade earlier.

Growing up in one of the most recognized beer countries in the World, Sørensen and Frederik Avenstrup soon developed a passion for the art of handcrafted brewing and decided to blend expertises.

Avenstrup, a wine connoisseur with experience in wine production, who for a long time had been intrigued by the idea of brewing with inspiration in the Champagne production method, and Sørensen, who grew up brewing as well as innovating beer recipes with his grandfather, who worked his entire life in Carlsberg and established possibly one of the first and most advanced Microbreweries in the World.

In their quest of revolutionising the beer world, Avenstrup and Sørensen have spent over a decade experimenting and perfecting their recipes placing priority in values such as  innovation, integrity and excellence.

With a slow brewing philosophy, Gran de Select has pushed the limits by applying production techniques from the world of Champagne.

Gran de Select, unlike industrial brands, preserves the delicate liquid in Premium Champagne bottles, where the beer, for a period of at least 4 months, undergoes a second phase of fermentation.

The bottles, sealed with high quality cork and golden wirehoods, are left to rest in dark, humid and cool cellars, where the beer develop its natural carbonation and complete its maturation process.

This original and elegant process results in a unique beer with personality, which intense aroma and rich and delicate tasting notes makes it worthy of being enjoyed like a fine Champagne or Wine and of accompanying the most sophisticated of dishes.

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