With a slow brewing philosophy, Gran de Select has pushed the limits by applying production techniques from the world of Champagne.

Gran de Select preserves the delicate liquid in premium Champagne bottles, where the beer, for a period of at least 4 months, undergoes a second phase of fermentation.

The bottles, sealed elegantly with cork and golden wirehoods, are left to rest in dark, humid and cool cellars, where the beer develop its natural carbonation and complete its maturation process. This original and elegant process results in a unique beer with personality, which intense aroma and rich and delicate tasting notes makes it worthy of being enjoyed like a fine Champagne or Wine and of accompanying the most sophisticated of dishes.

Gran de Select has gained local recognition with Sabor a Málaga, the appellation of quality and uniqueness of products made in Málaga, as well as national admiration among the culinary elite with Martín Berasategui, the world-famous Spanish Chef with most Michelin stars.


Brewery Tours

Gran de Select offers an unforgettable gourmet brew experience.

The visit to our Brewery located in the Costa del Sol (Málaga, Spain) begins with the presentation of the premium raw materials used in the elaboration of our Luxury Beer Assortment. Here you will get the unique opportunity to see, touch, appreciate the raw materials’ aroma and be even able to taste them and so discover its authentic natural flavours.

Next, you will learn about the original production techniques applied and we will show you how to open a Gran de Select Beer in the most sophisticated and celebratory way possible – You will be surprised!!!

You will also get to enjoy our cosy and beautiful Tasting Room, where we’ll proceed to explain the unique, sophisticated and delicate characteristics of the Gran de Select Luxury Beers, in order to be able to decipher its interesting tasting notes.

Depending on the Tasting you have chosen, you can enjoy a gourmet culinary accompaniment consisting of a selection of delicious Tapas or our carefully designed Gourmet Menu.

After the Tasting you will get the opportunity to buy our beer for your enjoyment in our Tasting Room, to bring home and/or give away as a present.

Estimated Duration: 1 hr 30 min. – 2 hrs.




The Tasting Tour includes a tour of the brewery and tasting of three Gran de Select craft beers.




The Selection Tour includes a comprehensive tour of the brewery and tasting of three Gran de Select luxury craft beers, paired with a tapas selection.




The Gran Tour includes a tour of the brewery, tasting of four Gran de Select luxury craft beers accompanied by a delicious gourmet
pairing menu
meticulously elaborated to
bring out the different nuances of our beers.




Personalised tour of the brewery and tasting of Gran de Select Luxury Craft Beers. Perfect for private groups or corporate events.


Make you reservation by filling the form with your personal data, type of tasting and the desired date. You will receive a confirmation of availability, and the payment instructions.

In case you can not attend following your booking, and you inform us at least one week in advance, we will be happy to propose new dates.

Brewery Tour Booking

Tasting Tour 15€ P/PersonSelection Tour 25€ P/PersonGran Tour 45€ P/PersonPrivate Event